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Hi, I’m Jyotsna

With a background rooted in biochemistry and molecular biology, culminating in a Ph.D. in nuclear receptor biology, my journey unexpectedly shifted towards artistry after transitioning from academia to focus on motherhood. Inspired by a transformative encounter with tribal artwork during a solo hike in the Western Ghats, I reignited my passion for art. Since 2016, I've seamlessly merged scientific expertise with artistic expression, specialising in sustainable watercolor art crafted from natural pigments that I cultivate and forage myself. This path not only satisfies my creative spirit but also underscores my profound respect for the natural world—a journey I'm eager to share with others.

What others say about my courses:

"I have done ALL of Jyotsna's courses and they are brilliant. The presentation is really nice and the content has set me off on a kind of obsessive exploration of hunting for colours in nature, making pigments and the excitement of seeing what colours will come (often unexpectedly) from a plant. If you are interested in pigment making then do those courses and then the paint making one as you will then have your own 'materials' ready. Go for it!"

— Alfi Spencer

''I was sucked into Jyotsna's beautiful, natural, organic and colourful world. When she announced an online resource I immediately signed on. ... Her scientific background adds to making this resource very organised. I find her energy and happiness in doing what she does both contagious and inspiring, and this comes through in her videos.''

— Mansi Shouche