Do you want to learn to make sustainable and natural non-toxic watercolors? 

A common misconception is that earth, minerals & natural organic pigments are “non-toxic because they are natural”. 

Earth, rocks, and plants can have properties that could potentially be toxic or even lethal to human life; subject to the context of use and the degree of its acute and/or cumulative exposure.

Get acces to the recorded masterclass/webinar, where I am talking about...

which natural watercolors are toxic/non-toxic?

which are sustainable?

which are finite, but nevertheless are abundant enough to last millennia?

For only $9, you get all the relevant information about:

Watercolor Making Workbench

Tool kit required.

How to create a safe working space.

Personal safety and environmental aspects.

Pigment Essentials

Toxic and non-toxic pigments.

Which pigments you should select - and why?

How/where to source sustainable pigments?

Quality Control

How to control and ensure the quality of your watercolor paint.